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Plato Gallery is a user-friendly, turnkey platform designed for virtual showrooms. It leverages the knowledge and expertise of agentur-dmp, a leading European advertising agency in the B2B and industrial sectors.
Mario Dalpra's website was brought to life thanks to the Plato Gallery WordPress Plugin.
The magical TSG Austria Christmas world: Created with Plato Gallery, it can be easily shared on social media and via QR code on greeting cards!

Create your own virtual digital gallery.
Dive into immersive 3D online experiences with VR, AR and AI.
Experience the fascinating world of our idea of a metaverse.

Welcome to Plato Gallery, your key to ultimate virtual showrooms that take your online presence in
the market to a new level, whether for business or personal presentations.

Discover unlimited possibilities - just a tap away!

Plato Gallery Laptop illustration
  • Plato Gallery Avatar Ready-to-use rooms and avatars: Use predefined gallery and avatar designs and choose from an extensive library with one click.
  • Plato Gallery Own Avatar Create your own avatar using our innovative avatar-maker.
  • Plato Gallery edit showroom Easily create, edit, and manage your content anytime, hassle-free. No expertise required.
  • Plato Gallery round off each room with wall text and background music Add wall text, background music and an explanatory voice to each room, effortlessly.
  • Plato Gallery provide more info via video Provide detailed content information through videos, images, text, or links.
  • Plato Gallery enable augmented reality for your gallery Enable AR for gallery images seamlessly, no visitor app or download needed.
  • Plato Gallery share your work Share your work and connect with visitors easily on a variety of channels (social media, websites, email, ..)
  • Plato Gallery audio guide Easily generate an audio guide from simple text input.
Plato Gallery Mobile illustration
  • Plato Gallery video walkthrough Generate a video walkthrough with a single click and share it on social media.
    Plato Gallery instagram Plato Gallery linkedin Plato Gallery tiktok Plato Gallery facebook Plato Gallery twitter Plato Gallery youtube
  • Plato Gallery E-commerce E-commerce: Connect with your shopping solutions
  • Plato Gallery Wordpress plugin Effortless web integration: Integrate your Plato Gallery seamlessly into your WordPress website using our WordPress plugin.
  • Plato Gallery live meeting tools Utilize live meeting tools for a personal gallery tour. Your avatar can guide your audience room to room.
    Plato Gallery teams Plato Gallery obs Plato Gallery google meet Plato Gallery zoom webex Plato Gallery youtube
  • Plato Gallery augmented reality Enable augmented reality for your gallery images. No app needed for visitors.
    Plato Gallery ios Plato Gallery android
Plato Gallery introductory video

Who actually is Plato?

The story behind the naming of Plato Gallery.

One platform, infinite possibilities.

see here some theme examples

Choose your preferred membership plan!

2 options: Show your gallery over our platform or
embed it into your WordPress website.

FREE Plato Subscription

for 30 days.

then 360 EUR /month (cancel any time)

30 Days Trial: Immerse yourself in the Metaverse. 1 month for free.

Join now

Main features and benefits

  • Scope: 1 gallery with 6 exhibition room for your art, products, and services.
  • Display your best: Feature up to 108 unique items.
  • Publish your gallery online: anytime, whenever you want.
  • Easy to access: your gallery is published over our platform and is accessible via an unique URL (plato.gallery/your-name).
  • Ready-to-use rooms: Use our predefined gallery designs and choose from an extensive library with one click.
  • Augmented Reality: Enhance the visitor experience with our AR feature and allow them to place your products in their own space.
  • Narrate your story: Add context with wall texts accompanied by explanatory voice.
  • Set the mood: Choose room background music for the perfect ambience.
  • Advertise! Easily share: your story through videos, images, text, or links.
  • Audio tour: Guide visitors through your gallery with a personal audio guide.
  • Promote with one-click virtual walkthrough: Automatically generate a gallery tour video with one click and share it on social media.
  • Transparency builds trust: You will be subscribed for only 1 month, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Plato WordPress-Plugin: Gallery is hosted on our domain.
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Plato for Business

Take off with your business and connect directly with customers and fans in this amazing immersive 3D space.

Custom pricing available

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Access all features from Plato Free and Subscription versions,

customized for your business.

  • Branded avatars: Personalize avatars with your logo or name.
  • Seamless web integration: Easily integrate your Plato Gallery into your WordPress website using our WordPress-PlugIn
  • E-Commerce Enablement: Seamlessly connect with your e-commerce solutions.
  • Advanced AR Exploration: Unlock advanced augmented reality features.
  • Customized gallery themes and avatars: Enjoy tailored gallery themes and avatars.
  • Premium Business Advantage: Our business plan not only includes all the features from our Free and Subscription plans but also offers bespoke solutions to match your specific business requirements. From custom features to enhanced integration options, we are dedicated to delivering a highly adaptable and immersive gallery experience that aligns with your business objectives and elevates your brand presence.
  • Become part of the Metaverse today
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Need more?

Ask our expert for advanced features like customized themes, analytics tools, dashboard
with user rights and more.
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