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Basic Standard
1 revolutionary WordPress Gallery Plugin, 3 Styles
Style 01: 3D Virtual Reality Gallery
Style 02: Multiple Columns Gallery
Style 03: Image Slider
Use on 1 site
Up to 6 exhibition rooms
Up to 108 areas for content showcase
32 ready-made gallery design templates
Display images on walls
Display text on walls
Display additional images, text & videos on pop-ups
Instant online publication
Easy access hosting with unique URL (plato.gallery/your-name)
Advanced Augmented Reality (AR) Feature
Room music
Share via link
Like button
Instantly promote your gallery: Create and share a virtual-walkthrough-video with one click
Text-to-speech audio guide for each room and each image
Free choice of number of galleries
Free choice of number of rooms per gallery
Customize Your Gallery: Our fully editable gallery themes let you tailor your design to your exact specifications, from the number of rooms to the appearance of walls and floors.
Webcam for live meeting
E-Commerce integration
Personalize Your Avatar: Our ready-to-use avatars-maker allows you to modify the appearance of both men and women, including skin tone, hair color, and attire. Add your logo and name tag for branding, and enjoy special avatar designs featuring animals and more.
Video and Live-Video directly displayed on walls
Display 3D objects within rooms
Analysis tool
User-right management tool for gallery editing
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12 EUR/month



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