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Basic Standard
1 interactive Virtual Reality Gallery (3 styles)
Style 01: Virtual Reality Gallery
Style 02: Multiple Columns Gallery
Style 03: Image Slider
Up to 6 exhibition rooms
Up to 108 areas for content showcase
32 ready-made gallery design templates
Display images on walls
Display text on walls
Display additional images, text & videos on pop-ups
Instant online publication
Easy access hosting with unique URL (
Advanced Augmented Reality (AR) Feature
Room music
Share via link
Like button
Instantly promote your gallery: Create and share a virtual-walkthrough-video with one click
Text-to-speech audio guide for each room and each image
Free choice of number of galleries
Free choice of number of rooms per gallery
Fully editable Gallery-Themes (create your customized design)
Webcam for live meeting
E-Commerce integration
Ready-to-use customizable Avatars (coming soon)
Video and Live-Video directly displayed on walls
Display 3D objects within rooms
Analysis tool
User-right management tool for gallery editing
Cookies notice (EU compliant)

36 EUR/month



Free 14-day trial

41 EUR/month


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